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Shenzhen HOOK electronic Co., LTD is a brazing field integrated solutions and LED lamps and lanterns r&d, production and sales of professional provider.

The main products are

1, welded areas of solder paste, flux, cleaning agents, OSP, tin tin bar, electronic bond lines such as glue;

2, LED lamps and lanterns.

HOOK electronic world with outstanding senior materials experts and the first-class research and development team. Has nearly 20 years of product development experience, we provide products not only, more important is that we to provide a full range of welding solutions.

HOOK electronic set up a comprehensive application, physics, chemistry and research and development laboratories, to better serve customers with reliable support.

HOOK electronic adhere to the "quality first, customer is supreme" the quality policy, "energy conservation and environmental protection, cleaner production" environment policy, strictly implement the quality assurance and the environmental protection standards, and has already obtained ISO9001 and ISO14000 certification.


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