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Wide open lead to channel, invites people to join four.

Adhere to the "sage, a wise man in the center, in the side, almighty reactive in the former" principle of choose and employ persons, establishes "cadres, researchers can can a can into the can, agencies can set can retreat, income can the" four low energy can "employing mechanism for employees. Through design career development programs, combining education training, performance evaluation, such as taking exercise implementation of system, creating a good environment and the utilization of incentive mechanism of benign competition.

1, diploma and above, love sales industry, dare to challenge, optimistic positive, have the industry or related products sales experience is preferred.
2, a strong teamwork, strong marketing deploitation ability, industry project operation ability, and large organization ability, good management of the professional quality.
3, generous treatment, enjoy the company annual salary system, etc.
4, interested parties please send your CV to the

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